FAS (Fuel Automation Station) is a complex and innovative device that offers an improvement in fueling operations.

It features 28 hoses that allow you to track inventory levels and fuel multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously.

Its automatic maintenance and filling technology guarantees the uninterrupted operation of operations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It has an operating system that stores the information collected in the cloud and is accessible from any device, through a secure Internet connection.

Its advanced sensors collect more than 500,000 data points per day. The architecture is open and flexible, so systems and dashboards can be integrated to automate processes, streamline functions, and eliminate the need for field paperwork. This allows customers to evaluate and, if necessary, make adjustments during the operation itself.




Measurement of tanks in real time.


operating system

It stores the information collected in the cloud and is accessible from any device.


continuous protection

Hoses with protective sleeve, to prevent breaks, leaks and spills.





Ready to operate in any field.


Increases daily fracture stages.


A single operator can control and monitor the supply operations of each sensor connected to the equipment, from the cabin (remotely and independently).


Automated filling technology.



Self-contained, climate-controlled internal command center that avoids risk during refueling.


Eliminates atmospheric fuel spray on the frac pad, ensuring environmental protection.


Continuous protection against spills and leaks (Parker hoses are specially manufactured with protective sleeves to prevent spraying).


Failsafe, thanks to Siemens guided wave radar sensor technology.


Fire and explosion proof.

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